History - Schaumann Machine Factory

The Schaumann Machine Factory was established in 1935, manufacturing horse-drawn sprayers with spray guns until 1950. Eventually, these were superseded by tractor-drawn high-pressure sprayers and these were manufactured until 1960.                         

The introduction of atomising sprayers in 1954 signalled a major new advance. They brought huge benefits for growers, in terms of both spraying efficiency and time saved.

For cherry growers, the big breakthrough in terms of harvesting came when the tree shaker was developed in 1970. This work process was further improved when self-propelled machines took over in 1980.

Since then, we have also manufactured other products, most notably the orchard boom for orchard soil treatment, but also the sicklebar mower and a spraying boom for the shielded spraying of strawberries.

In 1999, the portal tractor was introduced with the specific purpose of facilitating work in nurseries and Christmas tree plantations. In addition, we can deliver tools such as the bottom cutter, spray screens and the fertiliser spreader.